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The Fourth Man Radio Drama Poster

Beverly is distraught from
the death of her husband,
Dr. Jonathan Hollis. She finds
comfort in the company of
Detective Adam Taylor, who
comes to her seeking
information to solve the
mystery of the death of
Will Mason. As the plot
deepens, Beverly's twisted
relationships with old
friends and lovers help
Detective Taylor to
unravel the mystery,
or so he thinks.
Will another man die
before the truth
is revealed?

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"The Fourth Man"

Hear a recent interview with John Aeilli of KUT 90.5 FM
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View an MP4 of Lindsay Bonner (Beverly in The Fourth Man) singing "All Alone"

View an MP4 of Lillian singing "Gone Long Ago".
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The Fourth Man recently finished four nights at Hyde Park Theatre. We SOLD OUT the last two nights. We had a great time and received many nice compliments from our audience. Thank you to everyone who came out. For those of you who we had to turn away, we're very sorry we couldn't accommodate you. Please reserve tickets for our next performance...we look forward to having you at our next show!

Speaking of our next show, we are eager to perform again.
If you have a suitable venue or event and wish to discuss presenting The Fourth Man, please contact us.