Beverly is distraught from the death of her husband, Dr. Jonathan Hollis. She finds
comfort in the company of Detective Adam Taylor, who comes to her seeking information to solve the mystery of the death of Will Mason. As the plot deepens, Beverly's twisted relationships with old friends and lovers help Detective Taylor to unravel the mystery, or so he thinks. Will another man die before the truth
is revealed?

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September, 1947
Detective Wade Lowery is paid to find a piece of evidence that can free
Marceil Russell from prison. He must hurry though because time is running out, for in just three days Marceil will become the first woman in Colorado to go to the gas
chamber... for the cold-blooded murder
of Michael Sanden, who was found only
three weeks earlier... Dead On The Road!

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Dead on the Road

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Chicago, 1939
Oscar Renfield has fallen into an opportunity to become a very rich man, but to do so he must keep the death of another man a secret. He struggles with greed,
guilt and his natural inclination to do the right thing before he himself
becomes a victim.
Only one woman can help him to make the right decision... but will she get to him in time..before he reaches Evidence Cove?

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Evidence Cove

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