Retro Radio Drama is an elegant re-creation of the radio
show of the past. We at LKRD are dedicated to bringing
you fresh new stories, that sound and feel as if they
are from years ago.

Our influences come directly from
the 1930s and 40s. A time when televisions weren't
in every home and restaurant, and adults and children
alike had the opportunity to let their imaginations create
magnificent characters and theatrical sets. As a room full
of people sat together and listened to the same radio
program, each one was visualizing it in their own way.
Pulling together visual memories of past experiences and
dreams and creating a personal 'picture' to go along with
the story that they were listening to on the family radio.

The goal of LKRD is to allow people to experience the
thrill, excitement, joy and sadness that can come from
listening to a radio program. Whether they are at a live
performance or listening to one of our programs on the
radio, we always encourage our listeners to "relax,
close your eyes, and let your imagination run free."

How does the LKRD team do what they do?
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Radio Drama was
created in 1927 and
reached it's peak in
the mid 1940s. Then,
with the expansion of
television in the late
40s, radio drama
quickly became a
thing of the past.